ISTT is online !

We are online !

Hi everyone!

So great to read you here - finally. For years we have been talking about creating a website where our partners and students are honored for their international work. We were aspiring to create a place where we could collect our research and carry out the message of what we do and how we work. And so - here we are.

Studio.dier has done a splendid job over the last months in designing this website and getting it online on time, right before the ISTT master thesis students leave for fieldwork in Suriname.

Developing this website has been a pleasure for us
We hope you like browsing through as much as we do


Enjoy, explore, and do not hesitate contacting us anytime

Owen: What is happening? 
Yolland: I’m not sure. But I’m concerned about my part in it. It’s an eviction of sorts. 
Owen: We’re making a six-inch map of the country. Is there something sinister in that? 
Yolland: Not in... 
Owen: And we’re taking place names that are riddled with confusion and... 
Yolland: Who’s confused? Are the people confused? 
Owen: And we’re standardising those names as accurately and as sensitively as we can. 
Yolland: Something is being eroded. 
Brian Friel, Translations 2.1
    • Authors: Nathan De Feyter
    • Postdate: 01 Feb 2022