The Markets of Managua

The Markets of Managua

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A post-earthquake economic revitalisation

This thesis attempts to compare and analyze the qualities and features of four analyzed markets in Managua.

Weaknesses and strengths are listed, together with a comparison on different parameters like location, diversity of products and quality of stay, such as the presence of qualitative public spaces, social interaction on the market or the general design of the market. The ‘perception of safety’ which plays a key role in how we rate the ‘quality of stay’ was deliberately chosen to be an extra parameter.

The evaluation consists of on the one hand our own experiences and feelings while being on the markets and on the other hand of answers of market visitors who were asked to give the safety of the market a number between 1 and 10 with 10 being extremely safe and 1 extremely unsafe. A double plus was given when on average more than 8 points were given. The matrix also takes the presence and state of cultural, medical and sports facilities into account.

  • Authors:
    • Fabiana Bachem
    • Charlotte Jakus
    • Seppe Meyvis
    • Kim Roebroeks
    • Thomas Thijs
    • Linn Verbruggen
    • Sam Vloemans
    • Niels Willaert

    • Johan De Walsche (Promotor)
    • Marleen Goethals (Promotor)
    • Filip Hanjoul (Co-promotor)
  • Period:
    • 2017 — 2018  

    • Interdisciplinary

    • Master thesis