Study for a resilient activation of the 'Centrale Markt' in Paramaribo

Study for a resilient activation of the 'Centrale Markt' in Paramaribo

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For decades, the Central Market in Paramaribo served as a crucial source of livelihood. However, it has been declining in popularity due to new markets emerging in suburban neighbourhoods and supermarkets in the city. Additionally, the increase in car ownership and urban sprawl has contributed to fewer visitors. Meanwhile, the government is already thinking of repurposing the buildings as a cruise terminal or as a landing for a new ferry between Paramaribo and Meerzorg.

In this master thesis research, we will work alongside the market community including vendors, visitors, and actors from the market neighbourhood to understand how to make the buildings and their surrounding public spaces more attractive to a diverse range of socio-economic groups. The focus will be on enhancing the visual, psychological, and physical accessibility of the building, strengthening its relationship with the riverbank, improving comfort for market vendors, and making the public space more appealing for active road users and better connected to the Waterfront. This also involves maintaining and improving the collective use of the building by both wholesalers and retailers.

  • Authors:
    • Floor Arnauts
    • Emelie Mason

    • Sun Kishoen Misier (Promotor)
    • Suraj Kishoen Misier (Promotor)
    • Amy Cotino (Promotor)
    • Jonathan Iman (Promotor)
    • Marc Jacobs (Promotor)
    • Johan De Walsche (Promotor)
    • Nathan De Feyter (Promotor)
  • Period:
    • 2023 — 2024   (ongoing)

    • Interdisciplinary

    • Master thesis

    • Anton De Kom Universiteit van Suriname