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Urban Agriculture As A Bottom-Up Stimulus For A Bluegreen Network In Paramaribo-North

The north of Paramaribo has to deal with a number of problems that make the lives of its residents more difficult. The floods and mobility problems are already investigated by the previous delegation of students. They proposed a blue-green network where floods and mobility problems were handled. We, Anne Mulder and Thomas Santos de Jesus, continued the study in Paramaribo-North by implementing urban agriculture into the blue-green network. Not only will we implement flooding solutions, but we will also link Suriname’s unstable economy and its problems regarding land policy. Our study will be based on theory and fieldwork, in which interesting actors are interviewed. At the end of this part, we will propose a possible short term solution.

After the part we did together, we both worked on individual parts divided in different phases. The first and second phase are handled by Anne Mulder. It contains a bottom-up approach which can be used in existing neighbourhoods. In the first phase, she will study how interesting initiatives can be scaled-up, taking solutions for flooding into account. In the second phase, she combines urban agriculture with housing and she provides ways to shorten the supply chain.
The third and fourth phase will be handled by Thomas Santos de Jesus. In the third phase, urban agriculture will be combined with alternative housing models into a new, sustainable neighbourhood. This neighbourhood responds to urban sprawl, the problem of flood and urban agriculture concepts. In the fourth phase, he will zoom out to a bigger perspective, where the new neighbourhood fits into a polycentric view of the city.

  • Authors:
    • Anne Mulder
    • Thomas Santos de Jesus

    • Marleen Goethals (Promotor)
    • Nathan De Feyter (Promotor)
    • Marciano Dasai (Promotor)
    • Sigrid Heirman (Co-promotor)
    • Johan De Walsche (Promotor)
  • Period:
    • 2021 — 2022  

    • Interdisciplinary

    • Master thesis

    • Anton De Kom Universiteit van Suriname